Linn Grove


We know, there are so many fundraisers anymore.  Not only from school but daycare, sports, gymnastics, Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. Every year when we sit down to decide what we are going to do for fundraising each year we think about our families.  We open this discussion up to everyone, it's not just board members who decide this.  We will start discussing this during our May PTO Meeting right before the end of the school year.

Our fundraisers are to fund all the free events we offer to our families every year and operational expenses.  You can find this under Schedule of Events above.  You can also view our budget for the current year along with past budgets under PTO Business.  Sometimes there are large items we decide to raise money for such as our Outdoor Track and Outdoor Classroom.  These are items that can not only be used by the staff and students but also sometimes by the community.

For any fundraiser you are under NO obligation to participate.  You may also write a check at anytime to the Linn Grove PTO for a donation. We have some families who would rather write a check and be done for the year, and we are happy with that approach as well.  It is what works for you and your family.

Community Fund Raisers

These fundraisers are ones at local businesses where when the Linn Grove Community goes there we get back a percentage of the sales.  

We are open to new ideas, but do try and keep them close to the Linn Grove area as ones further out do not always have a good turn out.

Here are the businesses we partnered with this year and the amount we received back.


  • ​​Linn Grove received $783 for 2015/2016 school year
  • Culvers gives us 10% of ALL sales between 4 pm - 10pm

Maid Rite

  • Linn Grove has received $85 as of February with another Maid Rite night still to come
  • Maid Rite gives us 10% of sales for those who bring a LG Fundraiser slip or mentions Linn Grove


  • Our first night is coming up in April
  • LaCantina gives us 10% of sales for those who bring a LG Fundraiser slip or mentions Linn Grove ALL Day


  • Our first night is coming up in April
  • Panera gives us 10%, 15% or 20% back depending on the number of flyers or people mentioning LG stops in to eat between 4-8 pm


  • ​Linn Grove has recceived $89.25 for 2015/2016 school year
  • Playstation gives us 50% of all admissions for those who mention LG when they stop in that night

Happy Joes

  • ​Linn Grove has received $108 for the 2015/2016 school year
  • Happy Joes gives us 15% of sales for those who bring a LG Fundraiser slip from 4:00-8:00 pm that night


  • ​Linn Grove has a Planet X Night coming up in May, we normally raise close to $600 with them
  • We partner with the Marion Food Pantry, bring in a canned good and get in for $10
  • PlanetX gives us 50% of all admissions from 5:00-8:00 pm that night


  • ​Linn Grove has received $450 for 2015/2016 school year
  • Our LG Staff works at McDonalds for McTeacher night from 5:00-8:00 that night
  • McDonalds gives us 10% of ALL Sales that night, in the resturant and in the Drive Thru, along with Tips we receive in Tip Jars.

Other places we have partnered with in the past are; Dairy Queen, Parlor City, Pizza Ranch, Tomaso's, Beef O' Brady's and Zio Johnos.

Large School Fundraisers

Every year we have at least 2 large fundraisers, Red Black Track Attack and Family Fun Night.  Depending on what our goal is  for the year we will sometimes have another fundraiser.  In the past we have done, Casey's Pizza Cards, Multi Discount Cards, Read A Thon and Enjoy the City coupon books.

For our Large Fundraisers we have sub-tabs under this Fundraiser tab where you can find current information for this year.  Please check it out.